Sustainability was never an afterthought for The Slow. It was a founding principle that guided us through the early days of sourcing construction materials and curating furniture, well before the hotel’s floors and the walls had even appeared.

We continue to work with the island’s passionate change-makers to make sustainability a core focus of what we do and what others are inspired to do. Below is a brief overview of our environmental practises and choices. We’re always open to hearing new ideas and answering tough questions;


•Restaurant designed to be naturally air-cooled, utilising the local sea breeze and running without air-conditioning.
•LED energy efficient lighting is used throughout.
•Recycled materials such as used tent canvas have been used for couch cushions.
•Recycled teak wood used for custom made local furniture like the tables and chairs.


•Bathroom ammenities are packaged in recycled boxes, some offered for purchase only to avoid unnecessary use.
•Re-usable and refillable glass bottled water supplied to guests.
•Liquid re-fill used for soap, shampoo & conditioner, rather than tiny, single-use bottles.
•Durable & traditional steel room key without plastic key tag.
•Brick tiles hand made on site with 3 variations of sand and dried in the sun. Used in rooms for natural cooling.


•Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients used in all dishes.
•Head-to-tail meal preparation in many dishes.
•Line-caught fish.
•Pre-batched cocktails made on site almost entirely without perishables.