With the arrival of the new year comes a gaggle of new exhibitions to The Slow. Among the handful of creative talent making their debut at our Canggu hideaway in 2020 is artist Adam Turnbull. The native Australian is now Brooklyn-based, a multi-disciplinary creative who regularly explores the realms of art making, design, and publishing. Also a co-founder of the art book publisher Pacific, Adam’s publications are currently held in the likes of the Whitney Museum Library and New York Public library,
On January 11, the artist will depart the Big Apple for Bali with his latest solo exhibition in tow. Dubbed The City is a Flower, the show is a joint collaboration between The Slow and admired Surry Hills gallery China Heights. An aesthetic foray through street scenes in New York City, it’s a reproduction of found and taken images manipulated to form fragmented narratives through the mediums of painting and sculpture.
The 2D aluminium wall pieces and sculptures that form the bulk of the show are reworked by hand, creased, folded, warped and skewed until an easily identifiable image is less so; each unique object represents an occurrence or a memory. It’s memory which is a central theme to Adam’s art; “I think a lot about memory, my grandmother growing old with alzheimer’s, me forgetting where I parked all the time. Often a memory is sparked by an image, a feeling of something familiar, a person you knew, a place you’ve been. I collect images, I take photos of everything, the memories, not necessarily a moment, not necessarily a photograph,” he says.
The City is a Flower arrives at The Slow Gallery from January 11.